A Child Army's Continuous Curiosity

From birth our beautiful babies become engaged and intrigued about the world around them.

I've decided to dedicate this blog to all parents that love to encourage their children to explore the world around them!

The world is a fascinating place to be in, new smells and sounds surround their little heads every day.

I've always ensured I've given the world extra time in our daily lives, its a magnificent starting point to not only allowing our children to enhance the knowledge of this big place we live in but is great for a variety of skills like their social skills, fine and motor skills and gaining the understanding they need to progress through life.

Being a bit of an organisational freak of nature and enjoying the learning aspect of growing with my children, I have conducted projects with the children, it is so easy to be lost in your own life routines and their learning at school that we loose touch with the quality time we should be spending with our children. These beautiful little beings can actually be quite fun and coherent if you know how to engage them inbetween learning and having fun.

Sometimes its not a easy task, especially if your child is not interested in what your trying to engage over, so I have learned to compromise with every child individually.

This year to reflect the various ages within my cute little child army we chose subjects which all included projects within them , every subject and project was discussed and decided as a group, which I found rather rewarding. They planned what they wanted to learn and even made suggestions on how to obtain these results! No squabbling! Amazing!

Once they had established what subjects they wished to extend it was time to schedule it and pop it into action. The children decided what days would be allocated to each subject and this was then put into place for one term to coincide with their school terms. There's no need to just participate in the term times it can be extended into the holidays too! As a family we decided to have more exciting experiences in the holidays which involved more out and about experiences as evenings during term time was quite restricted.

So our schedule is up and ready to use, but what were we going to learn? Every week the children discussed each subject individually and decided on what they wanted to learn in each sitting. Here are some examples :

Monday became Language night _ for 6 weeks every Monday evening was given a new Nationality/ Language, we tried new foods, new languages, researched religions and culture, and the searching on a world wide map was a great hit!

Tuesday became Dance night - this included music and styles of dance. Definitely a great way to have fun , keep healthy and learn! We purchased a disco light bulb, researched the different types of genres, learnt about chorography and even tried to do conduct our own band.

Wednesday became Science night- Personally this was my favourite! Full of opportunities to learn and have some fun! We learnt about the life cycle, volcanoes, tidal waves, conducting electricity and the planets.

Those are just examples, but you get the drift , the best thing of all is every single lesson was free! I loved the quality of time with the children, watching them learn and grow , their excitement in learning was simply rewarding in itself .

Amongst all of our learning together, as a family we came to understand what it is to simply listen to one another, engage in each others views and opinions.

None of these lessons need to be costly , a simple walk through the country side or sea side can open you up to endless amounts of curiosity and learning. Don't be afraid to do a bit of studying before hand. Your be surprised what sort of questions these inquisitive little beings have for you!

Movie Night

Movie night is a great opportunity for you all to come together and spend some extra time snuggling on the sofa and enjoying one and another's company, we try and do this at least once a week, normally on a Friday evening after a busy week . So grab some popcorn, Doritos and sit and relax!

If were feeling extra adventurous we will choose an age appropriate film to reflect one of our on going home projects!

Some children find things easier to grasp when they are taught visually, such films as Finding Nemo is a colourful and educational way of learning about the underwater world. The movie explores anemones, coral reefs and sea turtles, I'm pretty sure there are some eco friendly messages hidden in there too! This film in particular was used for our Child Army, to continue the enjoyment of the experience we made some paper plate jelly fish and under water creatures!

BFG is a great film if the children are studying books and Authors, and as we all know the BFG has his own vocabulary so as an extra added fun, we sat and made our very own version! Try and have a conversation in your new found vocabulary and see if you can guess what each other are saying.

Talent Night

Every once in awhile we need a night of just simplicity and fun. So what do we do?

Every child has a talent, something their heart of hearts desires, a hobby that they thrive in. For this Child Army it ranges from sharing facts about their favourite animals, impressions to singing and dancing. Yep, you guessed it! We hold our very own family talent show!

Our living room becomes a stage and your be surprised in how much they not only enjoy it but how much they enjoy watching each other. This is a great opportunity for each child to express themselves through play, imagination and build their confidence.

Each child will have a free choice of what they would like to perform and how they perform it . Don't be afraid, get involved! Its fun!


The thought of camping can be quite haunting, especially if you have children that don't understand the concept of the surrounding dangers, this is where Home Camping comes into place. I am forever worrying about the dangers of camping away from home, on my own with four children, its a scary thought especially when they are at such a young age. So how do we overcome this ?

We camp at home every last day of term! What a great way to end a hectic school term. Pop up tents at the ready, sleeping bags unravelled and torches charged! In the winter months we camp within the warmth of our own home, Summertime is a great chance to get outside and pitch up within the boundaries of the wilderness (your own garden). This is ideal if you have challenging children or children who struggle outside of their normal routine. Its convenient and financially capable, if you don't have pop up tents then a few blankets will do just as well.

We set the mood by closing all the curtains,the electronic fire place is pulled into the centre of the room, torches placed in every tent and to top it off we enjoy a nice hot chocolate and play camping games, which as a family we made up ourselves to pass the time before bed. Just before bed we tell each other scary stories and search for the stars outside, using the constellation's and our imagination to make new constellations. Your be surprised of how many stars can join to look like dinosaurs and dragons. :)

Spending time with your Curious little Child army is not only great for bonding and learning but you can learn about  one another and for all you money conscious parents, its free!

What to do with old tshirts ? So this year we decided to get inventive with our old school polo shirts, you know the ones that loose their colour or simply have stains that you just cant budge!

Here are our results, and all you need is old shirts and some fabric pens!

Heres some other great activities you can do together :

Plant a tree or some plants, learn about the life cycle together.

Cook together and try new foods.

Act out your favourite films or books.

Build an indoor tent or forte.

Have a costume parade! Time to dust off those old costumes and get some extra use out of them.

Create a time capsule.

Bird watching.

Hold your own family sports day.

Play eye -spy scavenger hunt.

Most importantly have fun!!!!

Keep checking back for more updates on The Child Army's Continuous Curiosity.


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