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Anyone can become a parent right? But it takes a lifetime to perfect becoming an ideal parent. I say perfect, theres no such thing as a perfect parent, and I frown upon anyone that states otherwise.

Being a parent, is a long term commitment to learning and evolving. Neither parent or child are born with a text book , its all about being opened minded to the prospect that you can achieve great things as you and your child evolve into fantastic human beings. Your become a guide and help one another on your journey, just remember your not the only learning parent in the world so don't be afraid to ask for advice!

So my first post is a review on the Time Token, this marvellous idea was brought into the world of parenting to limit the amount of time our children have screentime, so this could be on the family computer, television or personal game consoles.

Within this pack you receive a five simple steps to screentime success. Firstly decide and agree on a screentime allowance for the week and sign the parent/child Promise Contract.

Your notice you have a lovely bunch of Time Tokens, which accumulate to 7hrs worth of Time Tokens, an orange wallet to keep those Tokens safe, a digital LCD timer and a set of guidelines .

The tokens come in hours and minutes,the aim is to pop your agreed amount of tokens into the orange wallet and your ready to go!

The theory of these tokens is that the child uses their tokens and manages their screentime, however this would depend on the child, their needs and understanding of the challenege in hand.

I have been using this set to not only allow my child to manage their own time keeping, which is marvellous for their independence  and self organising but also as a reward system.

To do this I have advised the children every time they complete their daily chores, and require a reward they will receive a time token. Its completely upto you how you manage the rewards, Here is an example of what rewards we use:

30 minutes Extra reading = 10 minute time token

Completed Chores = 15 minute time token

Our eldest son has ADHD and Autism so I generally use the time tokens to encourage him with such things as brushing his teeth independently, keeping his hand and feet to himself or as a reward for trying something new. Every reward can be unique to the child .

If your child has understanding of the concept of the time tokens maybe you could encourage the child to tell you what they could do to earn tokens, work together :)

Its completely up to you if you decide to retract tokens for challenging behaviour but please remember to enable  your child to gain these rewards back, give them lots of opportunities to ensure that the time tokens are a pleasant, positive and fun experience and a way of following rules and guidelines.

This pack includes some super cute characters, The Frazzles are a cute, fun loving, playful gang of friends! Just like humans, each Frazzle is unique. They also love their screentime, but don’t like to miss out on all the fun things in life – words which end in 'ING' are fun (VERBS or doing words). The Frazzles help inspire children to have fun doing things away from the screen when their screentime session is over. You will see the Frazzles on your TimeTokens! They are a fantastic talking point and will inspire you ALL to try new fun "INGS"

Within the pack your notice a Golden Ticket , this ticket is enclosed for an extra reward for no screentime battles. This ticket gives you and your child a great opportunity to get out and about, with some great parent and child bonding for extra measure. This time together could be swimming, cooking, painting, crafting or cycling. Lets get out and  about and away from those screens!

There are many other ways for you to encourage your child to become independent or follow simple requests, however I must admit this is far the best we have come  across!

As an added bonus the pack includes some information on links to the Time Tokens website to sign up and allow yourself and child to receive the best out of your pack, along with a welcome letter from the Frazzles!

This pack can be automatically brought via their website or on amazon , if your still feeling cautious then you can check the reviews easily via this link :

Amazon reviews and product

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STAR REVIEW


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