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Parenting is no easy task, especially when your child has siblings which require your full attention at exactly the same time!

You learn as a parent to take toilet breaks within 2 minutes! If you didn't like sharing before you became a parent then I can guarantee you do now, lol x

Your child WILL decide that bedtime is the best opportunity to take 8 toilet breaks, drink 3 pints of water and ask you to discuss the meaning of life, but don't be dis-heartened or frustrated as before you know it, that small child will grow into a independent human being that no longer needs those kisses goodnight or receive those extra hugs before bed.

Don't be afraid to learn alongside your child. Through out the years I have taken many courses to enhance my own learning, giving me the opportunity to better myself as a parent, Becoming a parent is a continuous learning curve, and there is always room to improve.

The big wide web is full of tips and advice, spend some time looking and seeking a support system with family or friends, just remember what may work for one child may not essentially work for another. Every child is unique.


The Child Army Of Four

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