The Child Army Of 4 And The Sunflower Race

The Sunflower Race is a yearly tradition within our household . Its easy, educational , great for all ages and is certainly a great starting point for any child seeking some added responsibilities. It takes around 8 weeks for a sunflower to grow from seed to flower. You Will Need : Plastic cup Compost Sunflower seeds Some A4 paper for a Sunflower Diary ( this is optional) When your green eagar Child Army are ready , allow them to write their names on their individual plastic cups. This will allow eah child to establish which plant is theirs. Pop some damp soil into the plastic cup , leaving a small gap near the rim. Ask your child to poke a small hole in the soil and pop in their chosen seed. Cover the seed with a little soil and sprinkle some water on top. Once this is done its a greatc chance to discuss with your child all about what care your sunflower may require to grow. As a family we tend to log our sunflowers growth by drawing diagrams and measuring our seedling over the 8 weeks. So your all set! Put the cup on a sunny windowsill, checking everyday to ensure that the sunflower is not left dry, always keep your seedling moist. Within the first week you will notice your seedling grow. By keeping a Diary you and your child will be able to discuss and note how much your Sunflower grows. When your seedling becomes to big for your cup, pop it into a larger flowerpot, in a sunny spot outside. Make sure there is no longer any frost within the evenings or your flower may not survive the bitter cold. From our experience our flowers bloomed within 8 weeks whilst being planted into the ground soil, we ensured thst each flower was watered every morning and late evening. Please note that many bugs love to munch on your precious little sunflowers but you can obtain a reasonably priced bug spray to keep them away or treat them. The magnificent thing about this traditional experiment is once your sunflowers heads start to turn brown you can cut them off and once they are dry use the seeds to either feed birds or keep them to grow some more flowers the following year . This year we decided to give some other flowers a try . Here are our results 


The Child Army Of Four

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