7 Top Science Experiments for Kids :)

We love experimenting in our house- from exploding balloons with Citric fruits to erupting home made volcanos, it's all great fun and a brilliant way to keep them entertained during the summer holidays! 

So here they are , our top 7 Science Experiments .

The Lava Lamp

All you need for this experiment is : 

A clean 1 liter clear plastic bottle Vegetable Oil Fizzing tablets (such as Alka Seltzer) Food coloring 

Water ( to fill your bottle, 3/4 full)

Pour the water into the bottle. Slowly pour the vegetable oil into the water bottle, ensuring you give it time to settle . 

Add between 8-10 drops of food coloring to the bottle. The drops will pass through the oil and then mix with the water below. Break a seltzer tablet in half and drop the half tablet into the bottle. Watch it sink to the bottom and watch the Lava Lamp evolve!  For extra effect  , shine a flashlight through the bottom of the bottle. 

You can re-use your Lava Lamp by adding further tablets . 

Exploding Balloons

All you need for this experiment is:

Several blown up balloons

Various types of fruit such as oranges, lemons, watermelon, lime.

Once you have your balloon in front of you, choose one of the various types of fruit, make a small piercing in the fruit and squeeze above the balloon. 

The juices will hit the balloon and explode! 

Changing Flower Colours

All you need for this experiment is:

White flowers Water Food colouring Vases or small containers 

Cut the flowers stem at an angle , leaving enough stem for the flower to sit firmly in its container . 

Fill the container with food colouring of your choice.

Sit back and watch your flower change colour :)

Eggtastic Eggperiment

All you need for this experiment is:

1 x hard boiled egg 1 x glass bottle Boiled water  

Fill the bottle 3/4 of boiling water, place your egg onto the rim of the bottle, and wait :)

Self Inflating Balloon

All you need for this experiment is:




Baking soda


Fill the bottle with 4 tablespoons of vinegar.

Using the funnel, fill the balloon with 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

Place the neck of the balloon tightly over the rim of the bottle. 

Allow the baking soda from the balloon to mix with the vinegar inside the bottle and Voila! A self inflating balloon! 

The Rain Jar

All you need for this experiment is:

A Glass jar 

Ice cubes

Boiled Water 


Fill your jar 3/4 with boiled water. Place your plate over the jar to ensure the steam is trapped inside the jar and wait for 2-3 minutes .

Place several ice cubes onto the plate. Now sit back and watch as rain trickles down the inside of the jar!

Polishing Pennies

All you need for this experiment is :

Lemon Juice

Pepsi/ Cola

Vinegar Dirty Pennies A cup Paper Towels or a cloth.

Place your dirty coins in a cup and cover with Lemon Juice. Leave for 5-10 minutes, remove the penny and wipe it with a paper towel or cloth. Repeat the experiment but with the vinegar, Pepsi and Cola. Watch the pennies transform back into bright shiny pennies again. Which worked best? Which one worked the quickest? 

All of these experiments are quick and easy. So you can fit them all in within one sitting! 

Have fun!!! 


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