Play Dough  Play Day

We either love it or hate it, but regardless of our parental opinion our little child armies just can't get enough of the squishy, squashy elasticity of the stuff called "Play Dough".  

Great for their Fine motor skills and co- ordination, spatial awareness and senses! 

Moulding just doesn't stop there! With the endless amounts of PlayDoh sets available your child can cut hair, design a play dog farm or be imaginative and make a beautiful sculpture for the whole family to gasp at ! 

What are the Benefits of introducing play dough to your child?

Playing with play dough allows your child the opportunity to strengthen their muscles in their hands, such things as squashing, flattening , squishing and rolling encourages your child to build the base for cutting, holding a pencil, finger and hand control, which is fantastic for starting Nursery or Reception. The whole concept of having finger and hand control can be quite daunting for a youngster, this will give your child extra confidence when they begin to need these skills later in life. Alongside the gained fine motor kills your child will be able to improve their hand eye co ordination, its tricky business holding that pencil and gliding it across that paper to spell their name, right?

The marvellous thing about Play dough is your child will learn all these fantastic new tricks without even realising they are learning!

Playing with Play dough doesnt even have to stop at rolling and cutting, there are plenty of home items you can add to make it an extra sensational experience! Buttons, rice, pebbles, spaghetti, string, feathers, sand,seashells the list is endless!

Purchasing Play-doh can become quite costly especially if your child has a tendancy to spread it around like grass seed, so invest in making your very own cloured playdough, its cheap and as long as you keep it in a zip lock bag or box, itl last upto 6 months.

What Do You Need?

*1 Cup Of Flour

*1 Cup Water

*1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil

*1/2 Cup Salt

*1 Tablespoon Cream Of Tartar (This will keep your play-doh fresh )

*Various Food Coloring

*A Non-Stick Saucepan

*A mixing bowl.

Empty the cup of water, vegetable oil, cup of salt and 1 tablespoon of Tartar into a saucepan and heat until warm.

Remove from heat and add the contents to your cup of flour in a mixing bowl.

Knead until smooth.

As easy as that, your done! To make it more fun, why not allow your child to help you with making the play-dough? There are many options to make your play dough more inviting, try adding glitter or some different scents, this is always a big hit in our house.

*Poke in spaghetti and make your very own hedgehog!

*Stick candles in for birthday cakes.

*Make your own Sea Side scene, using sand in the playdough, creating crabs, fish and using sea shells.

*Feather up your play dough and make your very own bird !

*Have a competition to see who can make the largest Play dough & Spaghetti tower!

*Practise your numbers and letters by drawing in the playdough or using the playdough to mould them.


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