The Child Army Summer Fun Challenge (1)

We have all heard of a message in a bottle right? I've set the Child Army Of 4 a summer fun challenge and here it is!

All you need is : 

 The first summer fun challenge is a beach in a bottle ! It's easy to do and great fun! 

So grab a jug of water, some sand, pebbles or shells, some salt and a reasonably large clear bottle. 

Now it wouldn't be a beach in a bottle with out some salty sea water , place some water and salt in a jug , voila , your sea water is ready! Give it a good stir! 

We used this as a good opportunity to discuss what lives in the water and what types of Oceans we have. 

We established the largest Oceans are : 

1. Pacific Ocean  2. Atlantic Ocean  3. Indian Ocean 4. Arctic Ocean Then we decided to investigate into what seas there were, we found The Coral Sea,Arabian Sea,Caribbean Sea and The Mediterranean Sea .  

We made our very own under water tornado as an added bit of fun. 

Next we filled our plastic bottle with the sand and added some sand pebbles . 

Finally it's time to add your salty water and allow the bottle to settle . Making a beach in a bottle is as easy that! We secured our bottle tightly and discussed what may happen to the sand if an under water earthquake occurred, with a few shakes The Child Army Of 4 , realised that the pebbles placed on top of the sand had been hidden under neath the sand, the water had become murky and the level of the water in the bottle had risen , just like a 

similar effect of a Tsunmai . 

This experiment was great fun to do ! The Child Army Of 4 learnt a lot and had plenty of fun :) 


The Child Army Of Four

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