5 Minute Fun Activities

This blog is all about 5 minute activities .

The first is our Suet Cube bird feed . This is everything you will need :

We brought our Suet Cake from Poundland along with a roll of string .

Cut the Suet Cake into cubes, using the end of a thin paint brush , carefully piece a hole through the cube.

Next , thread your string through the hole and knot underneath the Suet Cube to ensure that the cube will not slip off the string .

Ensure you leave enough string on each cube to tie outside on branches or garden hooks.

Painted Pasta Bracelets and Necklaces

What you need:

* Paint brush

* Various coloured paints

* String

* Scissors

* Pasta

What To Do:

Using your paints ,paint brushes and pasta decorate your pasta, leaving it to dry for a few moments , depending on what type of paint you use will determine the drying time, we tend to use poster paint which only takes a few moments to dry.

Once your painted Pasta is dry, you can begin to thread your Pasta onto some string, it may be easier to measure the string to the desired length before threading.

Once you have threaded your Pasta, knot the ends together to ensure that the bracelet of the necklace is secure :)



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