Moving On .

Being on your own is never easy, moving away from everything that you have ever known is daunting . Is it even the right choice ? So many things to consider , taking off those comfortable slippers and walking barefoot for a while . We question our ability to love and to be loved . Are we worthy to be loved . What was wrong with the love we had. Is it something we carry with us, like a damaged item we can’t return . Whatever our reasons, whether we were pushed or something we walked away from, we take time to heal. Heal from what we knew, or know. Catching a bus to insecurities and uncertainty . First ticket please .... can we even get a return... maybe it’s better to catch our ride , reach our destiny and hope at the end of it , it leads us to a better place to where it all began. We live our lives continually taking risks, some are worth the risk. But how do we know which ones are worth taking the risk for ? All these questions and there is little to reassure that we’re ever doing the right thing. Ever find your self questioning previous relationships? Trying to pin point , where did I go wrong? Hold fire on that thought, we’re all so self consumed that it’s something that we did... maybe a never ending steam of failure that was just simply out of our control. I don’t find myself questioning it to criticise myself. I question it to ensure that I learn from it . To achieve you have to fail . I fail amazingly ! But don’t be fooled, it’s not a negative trait. In fact it’s a positive trait . Learn. Learn from yourself, learn from people around you. Use it. Use it intensely. It’s so easy to reflect on our experiences and self reflect on all our own personal negative traits . Don’t do it . You learn very little in doing so. Take it and transform it. Upgrade it, recycle it, every opportunity , every moment you have ever had has brought you to this very moment in your life , what you do with those moments is purely your own choice. Make it into something beautiful. When we finally move ourselves out of the void , it feels like the whole world is watching, we place our bets. Our only currency is our emotions , held so close , with shaking hands , we make our investment, praying it pays off . Hoping that this time it’s the right choice. That it comes back to us. One day it will. 

If you place all your bets and it comes back to you. Love harder , don’t allow your history to define you.  

“He held out of his palms.. within his first palm , he held the most magnificent , alluring place , a paradise of hope and success .. within the second ..a deathly darkened cold place stood , a place full of regret and misery.. She stood and gazed into his eyes.. without hesitation, she took his hand , his palm so dark and broken and within that instance they both knew .... that aslong as they were together , that even the darkest of places could become a paradise “ m.price


The Child Army Of Four

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