SEI Tie Dye With The Child Army Of 4

What you need :

*SEI Tumble Dye set

*White T-Shirt

*Rubber Bands / Elastic bands

Optional : Disposable gloves to protect your fingers from dye .

Tumble Dye can easily be mixed to create your own Tumble Dye colour .This particular brand of Tie Dye is heat sealed, once your desired design is complete , allow your item to air dry. Once dry you can either iron heat seal or tumble dry for 15 minutes.

SEI Tumble Dye is a convenient, permanent dye for use on wood,paper,fabrics , ribbons and dried flowers . Although this product is a pre-mixed Dye which eliminates the need of gloves, I suggest gloves in the event of little helpers to ensure to protect their hands from Dye.The Dye is available to use on both wet or dry fabrics , wet fabrics will allow more colour bleeding and dry is ideal for stencilling and free hand. Every Dye is provided in a separate spray bottle , ensuring that application is easy and child friendly .

Whatever your choice , you will have plenty of fun with this pack !

The Child Army Of 4, decided to use the Traditional Burst Technique on their shirts .

Traditional Burst Technique

Lay your shirt out straight on a hard surface.Pull up the pinched t shirt and secure with an elastic rubber band . Pinch the shirt in the middle , ensuring to only lift the top layer.

Continue to repeat this in various areas of the t shirt to your desired effect .

Spray each section of fabric as shown in the picture provided. Once completed you may cut the elastic bands.

Your t-shirt is ready to air dry ! Once dry , tumble dry for 15 minutes to seal the colour .

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