The SPAR -vellous #Sparbecue

So recently we thought we would dabble in some more product testing and we weren’t disappointed !

We joined Comeround .com

So who are these mysterious people and what do they want with our souls ?

Turns out this wonderful company allows ordinary people like you and I to try products for FREE!

It’s easy to sign up and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed !!

Anyone that knows me , will know I love finding a bargain and what’s a better bargain than something that is for free ?!

Eagerly I signed up ! Within days of checking the website I spotted an application for #SPARbecue !

Not only am I a notorious feeder , I love food !!! I love to eat it , cook it , eat it some more ! Perfect !

Anticipation sets in .....

I’m in !! Wooohooo !

Its really quite easy and straight forward, when applying, your requested to send email invitations to a minimum of 9 adults, depending on the type of party that your applying for will determine the amount of invitations to be sent and accepted for you to be shortlisted.

Once completed and if you are accepted your receive an email ! Yes its as easy as that !

For this particular party, i was emailed a link for the #SPARbeque Whats App group !

Not only was it a fantastic idea from Come Round to initiate the group but has really been a fantastic way of 500 hosts making friends, sharing their progress and keeping one another updated.

Our admin Giles was always on hand to answer any questions , a credit to Come Round.

Before the party began we received 2 box’s , full of lots of Spar goodies !

(Take a look at all those yummies in the photos )

The event was ready to go !!

Shortly before the event we were issued with a couple of easy peasy fun activities burger .... best group photo ... best food display ... posting on social media was easy and the whole event was a great opportunity for family and friends to come together .

At the end of the event all that was left to do was leave our reviews , everyone got involved and everyone enjoyed it !!

We extended our fun with some SPARtastic parodies and Spar games ! Check out our Instagram

So for our first sponsored event .... this was by far the best :)


The Child Army Of Four

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