When  You Know Your Ready To Know You

What seemed barely impossible once before seems too plausible now .

Firstly everything that you use to believe was infinite , what use to make your world spin around , so irrelevant now . 

I’m ready ,

I’m ready to know me 

I’m not going to let go , like I have done so many times before .

I’ve written so many blogs , many unpublished , blocked from my own thoughts , my own words that slide to the tip of my tongue .

Wearing my heart upon my sleeve , I know now , I was never ready not until now .

To let go of the identity I thought once belonged to me .

I stare upon my reflection , I had no idea who you were, an intruder living my life , pulling me further away from my identity, weakening me to the core .

Ok never know what’s in the stars , but now I’m ready to find out . Grasping st each twinkle , to know who I am . 

I don’t know if I’m going to like what I see , or what il be , but I’m ready now .

I don’t want to think about it , I need to feel it , see it . 

Wrap my arms around it . 

I find myself reaching out , wearing my daily face less and less, venturing out , waking up and the fear of the world left upon my pillow . 

I’m ready .

I want to be more , I need to be sure 


The Child Army Of Four

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