Reaching Home

The pain inside of me is crumbling , crumbling away , I’m no longer lost , I found my home . Standing on a platform , I realise that for the past few years , I was so convinced that home was finding my roots , a house , my children, I took large strides in the hope that it would bring me back to home . Finding contentness , my safe haven. I forced myself to break free and all along it’s been in front of me . Reflecting back at me . It’s been there all along , I was searching for something that was in me the whole time . So consumed in seeing the world, I failed to see what was in front of me . Crushed for so many reasons and sweeping them aside , I’d never given myself the opportunity to grieve . Grieve for broken relationships , grieve for the loss of persons no longer on our plaine, I never grieved for the loss of me . Take Time to heal . Take moments to reflect , the world will carry on within those moments but if you don’t take those moments , you won’t become lost in the world , your become lost in yourself , loosing home .  


The Child Army Of Four

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