Put The Pride Back Into Being British

Right everyone , I’m making a sensible decision to no longer be active on social networks and blogging , because with all the posts and my anxiety , this isn’t doing me any good ! I’ve seen some pretty scary things tonight including information on new reports stating Covid 19 can incubate up to 20 days . We’re only on day 6 of self isolation , potentially following the standard guides that still leaves me with over a week of worrying about myself or my babies harbour it or carrying it .

I wish you all from the bottom of my heart love , and please please keep safe ! Follow the guidelines ! Here’s hoping the next time you see a post on my wall it’s from me and it’s a cheery one ...... I love you all dearly . In a world full of such uncertainty , don’t just BE KIND, put the PRIDE back into being BRITISH please 💕


The Child Army Of Four

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