Today was another day

Today was another day that reflected my weakness . Torn down by words and fists . Today was another day where my body was dragged across the cold hard floor , hands grasping at my hair , pulling tighter and tighter.

Today I laid shackled in regret , twisted arms pinching at my skin reminding me that I was worthless . Regret that I didn’t do more . A verbal attack upon my ecstatic skin which once held you within, sentences of your disgust , grappling at the roll that once sheltered you from the world . That vile fat , as you clench tugging so hard , was once your home , a place of tranquility with just the sound of my harmonising heartbeat to flow through your ears , and all I can feel now is the pain of where you once entombed yourself , throbbing , heat pouring from my skin as your pinch lessens . As your hand briskly meets my saddened cheeks , you verbally remind me eagerly why I walk this Earth alone , my appearance today, weathered and frail is not the same as the skin you once peered upon . These wrinkles of lifes journey now embroided into my skin are a reflection of memories we once shared . The glasses you tore from my face and crumbled in your hands , you told me that I deserved not to see , i agree , the love stored Within that seeps , daily , my dear , is felt not seen . I no longer need my eyes to see the love around me . The sharpened pencil you pushed into me , was once the legs that ran to you when the sun slept and only the glistening of the moon could tell you the time . Today was another day that DV conquered me .


The Child Army Of Four

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